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Covid 19 - Coronavirus Update - 5th November 2020

Published: Thursday 5th November 2020

To all our residents, relatives and friends,

COVID 19 (Coronavirus) – Update

As we begin the second government-imposed lockdown, we are thankful to learn of the support being provided to care homes to allow us to safely welcome visitors to our homes.  This was agreed in the House of Commons as the government lifted their blanket ban on care home visitors which is an extremely long-awaited and pleasing decision for everyone.

Throughout the last few months, there has been nothing we have wanted more than to invite you back through our doors and we completely empathise with how difficult it is when you are unable to visit your loved ones when you choose.  I am sure you understand that everything has been done for the safety and protection of our residents and colleagues and of course we must comply with external local and national restrictions.

You will appreciate that these new ‘in home’ visits will be organised and undertaken in a Covid secure way and we are currently reviewing the information to ensure we cover all guidelines.  We will be in touch with you over the coming days when we can provide you with full details on how your visits will be coordinated.

I am sure this news will bring comfort and relief to you all, as it has done for us.  Thank you for your continued cooperation, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you soon.  

Kind regards,

Stacey Linn


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