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Covid 19 - Coronavirus Update - 5th March 2021

Published: Friday 5th March 2021

To all our residents, relatives and friends,

COVID 19 (Coronavirus) – Update

Further to the recent government announcement in regards to care home visits, the official guidance was published yesterday afternoon and we have subsequently updated our visitor policy to reflect these changes. 

The new guidance allows us to facilitate unscreened visits for one designated guest for each of our residents.  Whilst we look forward to seeing the joy that this step will bring to you and our residents, we also appreciate that for some, the easing of restrictions will be a cause for concern.  We are therefore responding to these updates in a safe and balanced way to ensure that the risk of infection is managed whilst also recognising the significant health and wellbeing benefits that these visits will bring. 

Guidelines for visits 

Our residents will have one named guest who is able to come for visits by prior appointment.  For each visit, the designated guest will be required to complete a rapid lateral flow test and await the results (which must be negative for the visit to continue) prior to entering the visiting room. 

For these visits, no screens will be in place and you may wish to hold hands with your loved one but please do bear in mind that despite all the precautions we are taking, any contact will increase the risk of transmission and infection.  PPE must be worn throughout the visit and unfortunately, at this stage the government have advised us that hugging and kissing is not permitted.   

Please note:

We must make you aware that the rapid lateral flow tests produce a result based on viral load and are more accurate when there is more virus present.  This means that a positive result is more likely to be detected when users are at their most infectious and a negative result does not necessarily mean that the user is completely Covid-free.

The health and wellbeing of your loved one is always at the heart of our decisions and we understand that residents and their family and friends will be looking forward to visiting in a more relaxed environment.  However, in the face of new variants and an ongoing risk, we remain justifiably cautious whilst facilitating these more meaningful visits.  

Each home will be in touch with our resident’s designated visitor over the coming days in order to book an appointment.  Alongside these new visits we are also continuing to facilitate screened visits so that our residents have the opportunity to see as many loved ones as possible.  Please bear with our homes whilst they make these arrangements.  We appreciate your ongoing support.

Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Kind regards,

Stacey Linn, Managing Director, Ideal Carehomes