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Ideal Carehomes Invites the Public to Experience Dementia

Published: Sunday 24th July 2016

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Following the successful introduction of Virtual Dementia Training in their homes in March 2016, Ideal Carehomes has now confirmed its continued partnership with Training2Care which will see the dementia tour revisiting each home to train staff and also the local community.

Virtual Dementia Training was offered to staff at each Ideal Carehomes site across Yorkshire, the Midlands and North West in early 2016. It was so profound in changing carers’ perceptions of daily interactions with dementia residents that each home will be revisited so new team members can benefit from the experience. It is envisaged that this will remain as a rolling part of Ideal Carehomes’ thorough training programme.

Matt Lowe, Chief Executive of Ideal Carehomes said:

“The feedback we received following the Virtual Dementia Training was astounding. It really moved our staff, giving them true empathy with what the residents they are looking after are actually experiencing. It has even caused us to stop and think about Ideal Carehomes’ practices on an operational level and how we can adapt these to be more dementia friendly. The most important element for me, however, is that it changes the way our staff deliver care to ensure it is of the highest standard for our residents. That’s why I am so pleased to announce our continued partnership with Training2Care.”

Ideal Carehomes are also inviting relatives and the local community to join the training. Each participant will have the opportunity to take a walk into the world of dementia by donning gloves, dark glasses and earphones, simulating the reduction in senses dementia can cause. With an intensive debrief from Training2Care, participants take these perturbing experiences to translate it into a positive way of engaging with those suffering from dementia – whether that be as a carer, a relative or a member of the community.

Glenn Knight, Managing Director of Training2Care, said:

“Ideal Carehomes are really ahead of the game with how willing they are to integrate Virtual Dementia Training into their staff recruitment programme and offer the experience to the local community. Not only does it improve practice by building true empathy, but it raises awareness of the condition, breaking down many of the misconceived preconceptions of what having dementia means.”

The Virtual Dementia Tour Bus is due to start its journey around Ideal Carehomes from 11th July – call 01376 538 962 to book.