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Cathedral Trip Encourages Resident to Venture Out For First Time in a Year

Published: Tuesday 1st November 2016

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Beaumont Hall resident, Peggy Eustace, enjoyed her first trip out of the home in over a year last week, when staff arranged a visit to Leicester Cathedral.  Peggy, who has lived at Beaumont Hall for 18 months had been reluctant to join trips out of the home despite the efforts of family and staff. 

 The excitement around the discovery of Richard III had not passed Peggy by, and as soon as Deputy Manager, Porche Russell, heard that the home was organising a trip to Leicester Cathedral, she encouraged Peggy to go.  Peggy was enthusiastic about the upcoming trip but as everyone got their coats on to leave, she had a sudden change of heart and decided she couldn’t face it.  But as the other residents got into the taxi, Peggy came out and joined them, much to the amazement and surprise of staff at the home. 

Peggy and the other residents enjoyed a walk round the Cathedral and also the King Richard III Visitor Centre.  She listened intently and took in every bit of information, even commenting that it was the best day of her life.  Peggy’s sister, Marion Coltman, said “This trip meant such a lot to myself and Peggy.  We have been trying to get Peggy to go out for over a year but she was happy in the home and didn’t want to leave.  When her husband was alive, they used to visit places like the Cathedral so I knew she would enjoy the trip.  I am so glad she managed to go, it was such a fulfilling day for all of us and I think it is a real turning point for Peggy.”

Catherine Goddard, Regional Activities Executive at Beaumont Hall, went on the trip with residents and couldn’t believe how much Peggy enjoyed the day out.  She said “It was such an emotional and magical day – the amazement on Peggy’s face as we walked round the Cathedral was worth its weight in gold.  It was wonderful to see her enjoying every part of the day and I really hope this is the start of many more outings for Peggy.”

 Back at Beaumont Hall, Peggy couldn’t wait to tell everyone about her trip.  She said “I’m that high, that I don’t think I will ever come down!”.  Beaumont Hall provides residential and dementia care for 60 local older people.  Through a varied programme of activities and trips out, the home provides residents with aspirational lifestyle choices.  Now Peggy has the taste for trips, staff at the home can’t wait to see which outing she will be going on next!