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Residents from Ashworth Grange and Greenacres Strike up Friendships after Bowling Trip

Published: Friday 7th September 2018

Jean snip

Residents from  Ashworth Grange care home in Dewsbury and Greenacres  in Meltham have built new friendships after regular outings together, with the latest being a trip to the bowling alley.  Residents from the two residential care homes enjoyed a fun game of bowling at the local UK Superbowl this week to test their skills with the skittles. 

Residents from both homes began to get to know each other during online bingo games.  They wanted to meet up for real so a lunch date was booked.  Since then they have enjoyed a monthly social outing, either to each other’s home, out for lunch or for something more energising such as bowling.  For some residents who had never been to a bowling alley, this was a completely new experience, and there were others where the trip brought back many memories.   One resident reminisced about the time she took to the bowling alley in America and won the game with several strikes!

Residents in both homes look forward to the meetings and love catching up with their new friends.  Exclamations of“lovely to see you again” and “how have you been” rang out as everyone met followed by “looking forward to seeing you next month”as it was time to leave.     

Jean Taylor, who has lived at  Ashworth Grange for five years, said, “I went on the bowling trip because I wanted to see the ladies from Greenacres again.  We meet them every month and its nice. It’s the first time we have gone bowling but we really did enjoy it and we all had a lot of fun. I thought my arms would ache the next day but they didn’t.”

The group, which also included family members, split into teams and took up two lanes at the bowling alley.  Balls were bowled, pins were knocked down and there were even some spares and lucky strikes.  Jean continued: “We had such a good time that we have all booked to go bowling again.  We are going in November as next month we are visiting Greenacres for lunch. I am looking forward to it very much.”

One of the residents from Greenacres who took part said:“I had a great time with Ashworth Grange. I remember when I used to take my boys bowling in Cornwall, so it brought back some great memories. I was surprised how well I took to the game - I got 3 strikes! I had a great day and I can’t wait to go again.”