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Midlands Residents to Honour Remembrance Day in Style at Centenary Ball

Published: Wednesday 14th November 2018

Stoke Rochford

Midlands residents are getting ready to honour Remembrance Day in style as they attend a Centenary Ball next week at Stoke Rochford Hall in Grantham.  For residents of a care home, the memories of war and its losses are always with them and with 2018 being 100 years since the guns finally fell silent from the First World War, they wanted to make sure they mark the occasion with an extra special event. 

The ball has been planned to the last detail, with glamourous outfits chosen and the red carpet laid on a ramp to ensure that even those with less mobility are able to enjoy the full red carpet experience at Stoke Rochford Hall – with the venue itself having its own rich history from war times.  Residents from Ideal Carehome's Midlands homes will come together for the ball with special guests, the Sheriff of Nottingham, the Mayor of Charnwood, other councillors and members of the British Legion.

The ball means a great deal to residents and it felt a fitting tribute to mark such an important event – Ideal Carehomes resident Nancy Church said,“It is lovely that the homes put on great events like this and it will be so nice to enjoy it with my friends with all of us being able to remember so many brave people from all the past wars."

The ball will be held on Tuesday 20th November 2018 at 1pm.