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Castleford Care Home Residents Advise New Mums to ‘Cherish Every Moment’ This Mother’s Day

Published: Tuesday 24th March 2020

Staff and residents at Newfield Lodge in Castleford have been sharing their advice and special memories about raising their children this Mother’s Day.
Irene Robinson, aged 74, has two children and three grandchildren.  She believes the best advice she could offer new mums is to have plenty of patience and to always remember that childhood flies by so quickly and soon they will be grown up. Irene said, ‘All I wish for my children is that whatever goals they create, they work hard and achieve them’.
Margaret Newby, aged 77, said that the most valuable lesson you can teach your children is to love everybody and see the beauty in everything, adding, ‘Life is wonderful and children should be taught to embrace it’.
​Mother of one, Audrey Jackson who has lived at Newfield Lodge since 2012, said, ‘All I wanted to do is teach my children everything I could, and pass on all my wisdom - one of the greatest gifts you can give a child is education’.
Karen Hughes, Care Manager at Newfield Lodge and mother of one said, ‘the best thing about being a mother is knowing I will always have a friend for life’. Karen believes there is lots of pressure on new mums to do things right, adding, ‘If I could go back in time, I would have taken the time to just enjoy having a new born instead of worrying over the little details’.
Care Assistant Michaela Scarfe has three children and believes new mums should spend time making memories with their children, she said ‘Try and do everything you can with your children, take them to do and see as much of the world as possible – and remember to take lots of pictures to show them when they are older!’.
Pleased to share in the nostalgia, Home Manager, Lynn Robinson, said, ‘Mother’s Day is always such a special time at Newfield Lodge, and it will be no different this year.  We will still make a big fuss of all our ladies and we have lots of ways to make sure that they are in contact with their loved ones.’