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Liverpool Care Home Residents Share Wise Words of Wisdom this Mother’s Day

Published: Tuesday 24th March 2020

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Staff and residents at Larkhill Hall in Liverpool have been sharing their advice and special memories about raising their children this Mother’s Day.

Resident, Marie Oldroyd, 83 has three daughters, nine grandchildren and a whopping 28 great-grandchildren!  Marie said, ‘New mums shouldn’t worry about getting it right first time with your baby, over time you will learn to adapt and know exactly what your baby wants before they even know themselves!’ Marie believes all children should be respectful to others and work hard at school, adding ‘I don’t think pushing your children at school is a bad thing at all – there is no better gift than education’.

Barbara Crewe, who has lived at Larkhill Hall for five months said, ‘Children are such a blessing so it is hard not to give them the world, but it is important not to spoil your children otherwise they might always expect their own way’. Barbara believes new mums should take comfort in the fact that things will always work out in the end, no matter how hard they may seem sometimes.

Larkhill Hall Care Manager, Lindsey Wade, has four children and two grandchildren.  She said, ‘the best part about being a mother is having a big cuddle on the sofa with my kids and talking about our days’. Lindsey believes the most important lesson a child should learn is honesty. She adds, ‘There is no instruction manual for being a mum, so take it easy on yourself.  All new mums are in the same boat – we need to stick together and build one another up’.

Lifestyle Manager, Lois Abraham, believes new mums should sleep while they can as the toddler phase can be much more exhausting than newborn night feeds. She added that mums shouldn’t feel in competition with each other, ‘All children are different and will only ever go at their own pace so don’t be upset if walking/talking hasn’t happened for you yet – it will’.

Home Manager, Stefan Brunt said, ‘Mother’s Day is always such a special time at Larkhill Hall and this year will be no different.  We will make a big fuss of all our ladies and we have lots of ways to make sure that they are in contact with their loved ones.’