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Nottingham Care Home Resident Gives Hand of Support to Carers During Covid-19 Vaccinations

Published: Monday 25th January 2021

Vaccine AF
Mavis, who is 90 years old and has lived at Fairway View for nearly 3 years, had her jab a few days earlier and wanted to support the carers through the injection, just like they supported her.  Mavis was initially nervous to have the first dose, but she said that the caring staff team and visiting GP were there to ease her doubts and hold her hand: 
I have mild allergies and initially was very worried about receiving my jab. However, the wonderful GP who came to administer the vaccine was very friendly and chatted to me about my doubts. The injection was over in a flash, but I was incredibly grateful to the Fairway team who sat with me and reassured me throughout the process’.
Fairway View was amongst the first care homes in Bulwell to receive the Covid-19 vaccination developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford. 
Management at Fairway View had pre-empted the essential administrative processes and were ready to go with all the paperwork arranged. Residents and their families have been eagerly awaiting news of when they will be able to receive the vaccine at their home and were thrilled to find out that they were top of the list. A GP and team of Registered Nurses from Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust attended the home and carried out the vaccinations quickly and efficiently.
Mavis continued, ‘When it came to the time for the care team to receive their vaccines, I felt it was only right to repay their kindness by holding their hands and rooting them on during their jabs! I am so glad we all got to take this positive step together and I hope this is the start of regaining normality!’.
Front of House Manager, Alison Fry, said, ‘I was delighted to have Mavis sat by my side during my vaccination, it was an emotional moment and I felt at ease with Mavis spurring me on and holding my hand!’.
Stacey Linn, Director at care operator Ideal Carehomes, has commended the team.  She said, ‘Our staff have been inspirational throughout the pandemic – not just for the way they have worked together to protect their residents but also for how quickly and efficiently they have responded to numerous new guidelines over the last few months.
This is testament to the fact that they were prepared and ready for the vaccine roll-out.  I am so proud of everyone at Fairway View for their continued resilience, dedication and commitment.
Fairway View, operated by Ideal Carehomes, provides 24-hour residential and dementia care on an inclusive fee basis and their unique Ideal Fresh Living initiative ensures that the home remains at the forefront of infection control procedures to keep residents and staff safe.  For more information about Fairway View, contact the team on 0115 975 8770 or visit