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Sedgley Court care home resident makes some new feathered friends

Eileen Porter’s dream came true at Sedgley Court care home recently when she received a special visit from five very pretty parrots.

The owner of the parrots, Adrian Rothery from Pelsall, took them along to the care home on Friday 29thOctober to meet Eileen and grant her lifelong wish to hold a parrot that talked.

Eileen, along with her friends and the care team, enjoyed holding, stroking and talking to the very chatty parrots.

Sedgley Court care home, situated on Brick Kiln Way and operated by Ideal Carehomes, provides 24-hour residential and dementia care, offering high-quality personalised care on an inclusive fee basis.

Eileen’s wish was granted as part of Sedgley Court’s Wishing Line initiative, which was launched in September in partnership with the Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton.

Residents at Sedgley Court worked together to make the fun washing line where they can write their wishes on a piece of clothing and ‘peg’ them on the line. The washing line is currently on display in the front window at the Grand Theatre so that members of the local community can help to make residents’ dreams come true.

Eileen said:“I have always loved birds, especially parrots, so when we started the wishing line, I said that I have always wanted to hold a parrot that talks. 

“It was such a wonderful experience that I will always remember. When Heidi the parrot said “hello”, it absolutely made my day. The parrots were very chatty, especially Heidi, and I was very surprised at how well she could speak. 

“During Adrian’s visit, we found out that the average life span of a parrot is 80 years, their beaks are mainly used like hands and, at the moment, they are moulting so they will be looking in fine form again by next summer.” 

Kim Dean, Sedgley Court’s Home Manager, said:“It was wonderful to see Eileen and her friends enjoying their time with the parrots. 

“We launched the wishing line as we wanted to give our residents the opportunity to do something they love and thought they’d never get the chance to do. It has been really fantastic learning about all of our residents’ interests, life stories and wishes.

“We are very grateful to Adrian for bringing his parrots along to Sedgley Court and for making Eileen’s wish come true. He has kindly agreed to bring the parrots back for another visit next year.” 

If you are able to help grant a wish, please contact Kim and the team on 01384 928 404 or