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Danny Marriott, Kitchen Manager

Danny has tonnes of experience in the culinary profession, previously working at three rosette hotels/restaurants around the UK eg, Cornwall Birmingham, London and the Lake District. 
Danny has also worked in Michelin star kitchens alongside the brilliant Glynn Purnell and Gordon Ramsay.
Danny has been part of the management team at the Wimbledon Championships where he prepared dinner for members of the royal family sat in the royal box, Six Nations, Cheltenham, the Gold Cup, PGA Golf, Premier League Football,  international Cricket and the NEC which was very close to his heart. Danny finds that the best inspiration for creating new dishes can often come from travelling, therefore, it was not uncommon to see Danny whizzing around the globe to learn new tricks, Danny particularly enjoyed a season in the French Alps where he studied the local cuisine. 
Danny's cooking has also been sampled by many celebrities over the years, including Hollywood A list actors. 
Despite his impressive resume, Danny considers himself a home bird and loves nothing more than spending time with older people and learning from them. It is his pleasure to bring restaurant quality food to the residents at Littleton Lodge.