98-Year-Old Care Home Resident Takes On Tree-Top Challenge
tree top challenge

98-Year-Old Care Home Resident Takes On Tree-Top Challenge

98-year-old care home resident, Agnes Kaye, has become the oldest person to climb a fifteen-metre sycamore tree at a Thirsk activity centre.

Outdoors-lover Agnes, who lives at Hambleton Grange care home, grew up on a farm in Kipling, Scotland, where she would ‘climb every tree in the area’ as a child.

During her daily walk with the Hambleton Grange care team, Agnes spoke of the joy she felt when she would reach to top of a tall tree in her youth, and expressed how much she wished she could climb a tree once again.

Eager to fulfil Agnes’ wish, the care team got in touch with Carlton Lodge Activity Centre in Thirsk, who were delighted to invite Agnes to take on their Climbing Tree Challenge, free of charge.

When the big day came, Agnes couldn’t contain her excitement! On arriving at the activities centre, Agnes was harnessed up and taken to the nearly-50-foot Climbing Tree. George Plant, the Head of Centre at Carlton Lodge, said, ‘It was great to have Agnes here. She got out the taxi, chattering away excitedly, and didn’t really stop talking until she left!

‘She was really excited about climbing a tree again after so many years – she told us all about her childhood and how she was still a “tough old nut”!’

Agnes began her ascent up the ladder, and there was no stopping her! Making her way up through the tree branches with a smile on her face, Agnes looked out to enjoy the views.

After being lowered down on her harness, the team at Carlton Lodge presented Agnes with a certificate, naming her the ‘most spritely and mature person to climb this tree’, and some celebratory flapjack.

On returning to Hambleton Grange, Agnes sat to enjoy her flapjack and a warm cup of coffee. She said, ‘This has been the best day of my life. I didn’t think I would ever be able to climb a tree like that again!’

Sandra Anderson, the Home Manager at Hambleton Grange, said, ‘It was a real privilege to have been able to grant Agnes’ wish to go climbing as she used to as a child.

‘When our residents tell us about things they want to experience, we love to provide them with those experiences, and we’re so grateful to our friends at Carlton Lodge for helping us to give Agnes such a special day.

‘We can’t wait to see whose wish we can grant next!’

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