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About Ideal Carehomes

We are delighted you are considering Ideal Carehomes as we understand what an important decision choosing the right residential care home is for you and your family.

At Ideal Carehomes, we offer 24 hour, all-inclusive residential and dementia care with homes across the North and Midlands.  We pride ourselves in making a real difference to the lives of our residents, going beyond just meeting their expectations through the aspirational choices we provide through our person-centred elderly care.

Our 16 state-of-the-art residential care homes have all the finishing touches you would expect from a warm and welcoming home in surroundings which create a great place to live.  By putting an active lifestyle at the heart of the home, our caring staff promote independence, ensuring quality care is received by all our residents at all times.

We make sure we attract and retain the best staff at our residential care homes, offering unrivalled training programmes to ensure our residents receive the highest quality of residential care.  Visit ourcareers pageif you share our passion for person-centred care and are looking for the next step in your care career. 

You can find out more information about each of our 16 residential and dementia care homes on the About Us page and our friendly team are always happy to answer any questions –contact us here

Matt Lowe Chief Executive.

Matt Lowe Chief Executive."We pride ourselves in making a real difference to the lives of our residents, going beyond just meeting their expectations through the aspirational choices we provide in our person-centred care. 

  Before you move in, we’ll want to know all about your likes and dislikes as well as interests and hobbies, so we have everything in place to create the lifestyle you want as soon as you move in, whether you are joining us for residential or dementia care.  

Matt Lowe, Chief Executive.


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Paul has worked for the LNT Group for over 6 years. He first joined Ideal Carehomes in 2010 as a Home Manager, having previously managed the home when it was operated by Orchard Care Homes. Paul soon became a valued member of the team and managed two Ideal Carehomes before being promoted to Area Manager in January 2012. Given his wealth of knowledge and experience as an Area Manager, Paul was a prime candidate to become Regional Director in 2015. In this role, Paul takes a strategic lead in the oversight and development of our care homes.

Paul’s passion is for creating great places to live, fully supporting the care staff and ensuring our residents’ receive the best quality care in our homes. He is frequently in the homes enjoying a cup of tea with residents and their families to better understand their needs whilst supporting the Home Manager to create aspirational lifestyle choices for our residents and overseeing all aspects of compliance. He gets a lot satisfaction knowing that the small changes he makes to the already excellent care being provided in the homes.

Paul has completed his NVQ Level 4 Leadership and Management in Care Services (equivalent to current NVQ Level 5) and Qualifications & Credit Framework Level 7 in Leadership and Development for Senior Management.

Allison joined Ideal Carehomes in October 2016 and has worked within the care sector for over 30 years. As Regional Director, she oversees homes in the Midlands and Yorkshire areas working with Home Managers to ensure our residents’ receive the best quality care. Allison can regularly be found at our homes, chatting with staff, residents and their families, building on the existing high standards with a continual programme of improvement. She is a great believer in person-centred care, and uses her excellent communication skills to cascade this ethos to the care teams within our homes, in turn creating caring and compassionate environments throughout.

Allison’s career as a nurse has underpinned her principles of exceptional care and she ensures her role revolves around this. She has also worked as a Home Manager for 12 years, before moving onto Regional Manager and Operations Director and therefore has all the tools required to lead our homes. Allison welcomes any feedback from staff, residents and relatives alike, so do not hesitate to contact her should you have a question.