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Lily ‘Feels Like Royalty’ After Receiving Over 300 Cards on 100th Birthday

Former government office worker, Lily Wells, said she ‘felt like royalty’ after receiving over 300 cards wishing her a happy 100th birthday.

Lily was born in 1924 and raised in London. She spent over 40 years working in government offices, later retiring and becoming a walking tour guide.

Having moved to Thorn Springs in December 2023, Lily had been looking forward to her milestone birthday, but didn’t expect everyone to ‘make a fuss’.

To her surprise, when Lily woke up on her 100th birthday, she was showered with gifts and over 300 cards from her family, friends, and members of the community including handmade cards from local schools.

Lily also received a card from His Majesty King Charles III. Lily said, ‘I have lived a long time and I’m comfortable now. I’m well looked after, and everyone makes sure I’m happy here.

‘All my friends and family making a fuss of me is not what I expected, but I always did have a lot of friends! It’s been lovely to see so many people, I feel like royalty.’

Lily’s family and friends gathered at Thorn Springs for a big tea party, where she was visited by special guests Counsellor Jimmy Carol, Mayor of Houghton Regis, and Counsellor Liz Jones, Mayor of Dunstable.

Katie Hughes, the Home Manager at Thorn Springs, added, ‘Lily wanted to feel like royalty on her birthday, and that’s exactly what she got! It was beautiful to see everyone come together to celebrate Lily’s 100th birthday, and to see her receive over 300 cards was truly incredible.

‘At Thorn Springs, we believe it is so important to make the most of these huge milestones in our residents’ lives. We’d like to thank everyone who made Lily feel so special and helping to create such cherished memories – we’re very lucky to have such a supportive community.’

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