Sleigh bells ring as residents treated to their own winter wonderland - Ideal Carehomes

Sleigh bells ring as residents treated to their own winter wonderland

A 10/10 rated Dudley care home pulled out all the stops to create a winter wonderland for its residents.

Staff at Sedgley Court, on Brick Kiln Way, spent two days building the installation by hand, which included reindeer, snowmen, Christmas trees, a sleigh, and a Santa’s grotto.

The look and feel of a frosty dream world was completed in one of the home’s longer corridors, with artificial snow on the ground, sparkly wall hangings and tunnels and a number of light up attractions.

Manager Kim Dean said that the experience had been months in the planning, with staff collecting bits and pieces towards the installation since the start of the autumn.

She said: “We knew this was something we wanted to do, and it just grew and grew! We have such an enthusiastic team here that if somebody has an idea, we know we will make it happen no matter what.

“The exhibit took two days to build and put together and this was a joint effort and everyone added a special touch.

“Everyone worked so hard to turn one of our corridors into a magical walk through winter wonderland, complete with a Santa’s grotto.

“Residents and staff were able to visit, make their wishes to Santa and find  out whether they were on the naughty or nice list. Fortunately everyone was on the nice list.”

Eileen Porter, 86, a Sedgley Court resident, said: “This is just marvellous. I couldn’t believe it when I first saw our winter wonderland. What an amazing surprise.”

Fellow resident Ann Ladd, 89, said: “This is magical, so very beautiful. I really hope I am on the nice list!”

This is not the first time that luxury residential and dementia care home Sedgley Court, which opened in December 2020, has undergone such a dramatic transformation.

Last summer, the home was lavishly decorated in the style of a cruise ship, complete with a large external ship’s prow, a captain’s table and a luggage drop off point. Residents were treated to a 12 week long ‘world cruise’, exploring the food, music and culture of stop offs including Mexico, France and Japan.

Sedgley Court, which is operated by Ideal Carehomes, was recently awarded 10/10 on national online